Great Lakes Wilderness Emergency Response Training

We are the premier source for wilderness medicine training in Michigan. Steve Huisman is the owner and primary instructor of the organization. Steve has a unique experience of being a Navy Corpsman attached to Marines for over 20 years, running a very successful EMS training institution in Grand Rapids, MI, and teaching several wilderness medicine courses over the last few years. He has an abundance of real life experience and has over thirty years of teaching EMS classes. We can guarantee that you will enjoy the course and you will learn more than you are expecting.

Links for Information about Wilderness Training

SOLO has been an industry leader in Wilderness Medicine education for over 40 years. You can find out more about our history, curricula, teaching style, educational innovation, expertise, experience, and commitment to excellence by clicking on the link and snooping through our website. Attending a SOLO course can be a life-changing learning experience..